About Us

Modern da Vinci Is Here to Serve the Small Business Community

Why We Exist

At Modern da Vinci, we believe that small businesses are the innovators, the backbone of our nation, and the heart of what makes America great. We exist to serve the small business community, sharing our experiences with small business owners... experiences that will have a major impact, helping them build the company they've always envisioned with purpose and speed.

Who Do We Help?

We help small business owners and their management teams with up to $25M in revenue. Whether you are just getting started and looking for your purpose, or have dozens or hundreds of employees and are facing growing pains, the concepts we teach are fundamental and can transform your organization into a healthy, stable, satisfying company for you and your employees

How We Help

We help small business owners live their passion and achieve their goals by aligning their company purpose to 5 critical areas of small business success—leadership, teamwork, product development, marketing, and sales—to their company purpose. We give small business owners the resources, expertise, and guidance they need to gain clarity and realize their dream.

What We Offer

Our One-Day Breakthrough Program is the fastest way to get your small business unstuck, walking business owners and their leadership team through a fast-paced, 8-hour session designed to help you build focus, alignment, consensus, and momentum on the most important aspects of your business. Our expert facilitators will guide you and your leadership team through assessment and planning exercises based on those five critical factors to small business success. Learn More >

Our online Advantage Membership provides ongoing resources, expertise, and a community of to continue their development and growth in each of the five critical areas.  Access articles, videos, podcasts, self-assessments, book summaries, a small-business community forum, virtual coaching, and receive support by our leadership and business growth experts with over 25 years of experience. For less than $1 a day, your small business can access exactly what it needs gain an advantage. Learn More >

Meet Our Team

Combining the Fundamentals of all 5 Critical Areas for Small Business Success

Mike Mehlberg Co-Founder, Technology and Business Development Visit me on LinkedIn >

Michael Mehlberg


Technology, Product Development, Marketing, and Sales

Visit me on LinkedIn >

After helping take a small startup to acquisition by a multi-billion dollar market cap company, building a successful mobile app company with tens of thousands of users, turning a failing intellectual property business into a trusted source for new research and technology, and growing a commercial products company into the US Government and Defense market, Michael Mehlberg refocused on what he loves most:

Helping small businesses owners achieve their goals and live their passion.

His approach to technology, business strategy, product development, marketing, and sales is both practical and highly effective, and has helped multiple small businesses grow into the company their small business owners envisioned. 

He co-founded Modern da Vinci to provide expertise and guidance to small business owners, who at times feel overwhelmed by all they need to know to run a small business effectively. 

Mike is an excellent manager. He worked closely with us to ensure that we had the information and resources needed to achieve the team’s goals, focusing on enabling us to do our jobs.

Mike’s leadership enabled us to consistently achieve success.
— Rob Keeney
Seth Sinclair Co-Founder, Leadership Coach, Management Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator Visit me on LinkedIn >

Seth Sinclair


Leadership, Strategy, Management, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

Visit me on LinkedIn >

Seth Sinclair is a leadership coach, management consultant, trainer, and facilitator with a passion for helping his clients achieve their personal and professional goals.  

For the past 15 years, he has helped a diverse range of public and private sector customers and executives, leading engagements focused on strategic planning, leadership development, executive coaching, and organizational performance. 

Seth is a professionally trained leadership coach and currently holds an ACC credential with the International Coaching Federation. He is a certified Project Management Professional and recently served as a coach reviewer for George Mason’s Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program.

Before co-founding his company Sinclair Advisory Group in 2006, Seth was a manager for a global technology and consulting firm. He draws on this experience and his outstanding management, communication, and analytical skills to partner with his clients to achieve results.

Seth is a true renaissance man with skills and interests that cut across leadership development, coaching, strategy, performance, and organizational improvement. I am always struck, but not surprised, by Seth’s ability to see an issue from all angles and bring a tremendous well of knowledge and experience to bring workable solutions.
— Gary Bettger

We Are Located in the Washington DC Metro Area and Serve the Entire United States