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At Modern da Vinci, we believe that small businesses are the innovators, the backbone of our nation, and the heart of what makes America great. We exist to help small business owners grow with purpose and speed.

How We Help

We help small business owners plan their path to growth by aligning 5 critical areas of small business success—leadership, teamwork, product development, marketing, and sales—to their company purpose. Through our training, membership, and free online resources, we give small business owners the knowledge, tools, and support they need to gain clarity, plan for action, and lead their business to success. 

What We Offer

Our Small Business Edge training walks business owners and their leadership team through a fast-paced, 8-hour session designed to help you build focus, alignment, consensus, and momentum on the most important aspects of your business. Our expert facilitators will guide you and your leadership team through assessment and planning exercises based on those five critical factors to small business success. 

Our online membership is designed to provide businesses with resources to continue their development and growth in each of the five critical areas.  This includes access to articles, videos, podcasts, self-assessments, book summaries, a small-business community forum, virtual coaching, and support by our leadership and business growth experts with over 25 years of experience. For less than $1 a day, your small business can access exactly what it needs to grow and achieve. 

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Welcome to Modern da Vinci!