How to Stay on Track (and Massively Productive) Every Day

You know what's coming... 

At the end of today, you'll either feel a sense of accomplishment, or like you've wasted another day. 

It's not that you didn't work hard. 

You answered emails. You took phone calls. You attended meetings. You made decisions. 

But for some reason you got nothing done

Well, that's not true. You got a lot of other people's work done, just not your own. 

You've made little progress toward your goals. You've been running around solving other people's problems. You've been answering other people's questions, and spending time in other people's meetings.

In other words, you've been working on urgent, but not important tasks. 

There's a solution to this problem. A way to move closer to your goals every day. It's called the Eisenhower Priority Matrix.

In the video that follows, I'm going to walk you through the four quadrants of the Eisenhower Priority Matrix. You'll learn what each of them means, and how to organize your tasks within them.

From there, you'll see exactly how to work in each of the four quadrants, keeping you productive every day.   

After a few days of this, you'll notice a huge difference.

Before, you left work feeling beaten. You wondered how you stayed so busy and yet got so little done. 

Most days may have been like that. 

Only every once in a while did you end the day feeling a sense of accomplishment. 

But now you know why. You were working on urgent tasks that weren't important instead of important tasks that weren't urgent. 

So if you have done so already, here's what you need to do (it won't take long).  

Watch the video above, following along to fill create an Eisenhower Priority Matrix and fill out the four quadrants. 

Then, tomorrow morning, schedule a few of those important but not urgent tasks. Put them right on your calendar and don't let anything get in the way

Finally, sleep soundly knowing that your todo list is prioritized, focused, and ready to go.

It's a simple tool, but it's going to keep you massively productive every single day. I hope, at the end of each day, you'll leave with a sense of accomplishment (maybe even get home a bit early)!

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Michael Mehlberg


Michael Mehlberg helps small businesses owners achieve their goals and live their passion. His approach to technology, corporate strategy, product development, marketing, and sales is both practical and highly effective, and has helped multiple small businesses grow into the company their owners envisioned. Reach out by emailing him at or learn more on our About page.