How to Leave Your Customers Wishing They'd Spent Double

Nobody could hear me screaming at my wife.

Nor could they hear her screaming at me.

Hell, we could barely hear our own voices. But it didn't matter. We were just adding to the noise. And the man on stage loved it.

The lights warmed slowly signaling an end to the concert. Andrea Bocelli strolled gracefully off the platform, waving and smiling to a standing, cheering crowd.

He had just given an outstanding 2-hour performance, but we were eager to hear one more song.

I turned to my wife. “That was soooo good,” I yelled. I doubt she could hear me, but she read my face and yelled something back in agreement.

Luckily, it wasn’t over. We all knew it wouldn’t be. We were cheering for the encore. “One more song,” chanted a few. And before Bocelli made it to the exit, he smiled and returned to his microphone for exactly that.

Another outstanding performance.

“One more song,” some chanted again. I turned to my wife, coat on, thinking we were about to leave, “That was incredible," I said.

Bocelli, again walked off the stage, again stopped before the exit (smiling a bit bigger this time), and again returned for a second encore!

He Was Just Warming Up...


If his first encore was “great,” and his second “incredible,” his third was downright “amazing.”

Even when I thought Bocelli would exit for good, he came back for a fourth and final encore which left us agreeing that his concert was “the best damn concert we’d ever seen in our lives.”

Now, I’m no fan of opera, or even concerts for that matter. I’m a homebody, like a Hobbit, mostly preferring to keep a pantry nearby while enjoying the quiet solitude of my office. But Andrea Bocelli delivered. He delivered unlike I’ve ever seen anyone else deliver. In any profession. In my entire life. Ever.

What I thought would be a two-hour show turned into a three-hour experience, performed flawlessly.

It must have been planned in meticulous detail and rehearsed dozens of times. It was exhilarating. It was other-worldly. And I was awestruck.

And I was also inspired.

Inspired because, despite paying $200 per ticket (which I thought was expensive at first), I left feeling those tickets were worth at least double.

Leaving Your Customers Wanting More

How many of your customers feel that way?

How many of your customers come to you to solve a problem, and leave feeling like they got double the value?

How incredible would your business be one year from now if every customer felt that way?

Pretty friggin' incredible I'm guessing.

Not only did Andrea Bocelli completely master his craft, he mastered the art of giving his customers double the value by making his customers want more. He gave his customers exactly what they wanted while showing them he could give more. That's when the chanting started... "One more song!" And that's when he delivered on all that value, and then some.

Deliver Your Encore


I wrote this because Andrea Bocelli's outstanding performance inspired me, but also because there's a lesson we can all learn from this master.

Always deliver on your promises... but go beyond. Make your customers wish they could spend more money with you just to see you again, just to do business with you one more time.

How do you do that?

Master your craft, plan meticulously, work hard, and give your customers exactly what they want, plus four amazing encores...

Give your customers a good show, and then go on to give them something more. Give them something incredible. Something downright amazing.

Give them best damn show they've ever seen in their lives.

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