How to Get Unresponsive Prospects to Return Your Calls (and Emails)

It's mind-boggling, isn't it?

You have a great meeting with a potential customer. Your presentation is on point. You answer all their questions. And they show all the buying signs. 

Before leaving, you end with a hearty handshake and promise to send more information. 

Only when you do, they don't respond.

You leave them a friendly voicemail. You shoot them another email. You remind them about your great meeting. And what do you get in return?


You follow up again. You ask them to call you back. You try anything to get them respond. And what do you get?


At some point, you give up... figuring your prospect was never interested to begin with. Enough with them. On to the next client.

Sound familiar? It's happened to me dozens of times. 

Unfortunately, I learned later, I had left dozens of sales on the table.  

There's good news, though. With one simple technique, you can drastically increase the number of silent prospects that return your calls. Case in point, when I implemented this technique, my response rate increased by over 60%!

Check out this short video below (or listen to the podcast >>) to hear how I discovered this technique, why it works, and how to implement it for yourself. 

About the Author

Michael Mehlberg


Mike Mehlberg got tired of doing the bidding of large companies, running their Engineering, Product Management, Marketing and Sales organizations. He created Modern da Vinci to to help small business owners live their passions and achieve their goals. Download his insightful guide to see the 5 critical aspects to building an organized, healthy, growing small business with a competitive advantage.