A Solution to Overwhelm and Disorganization

Overwhelm manifests when you have too much to do.

When, for example, you have multiple projects, dozens of emails, texts, meetings, and notifications from everyone who wants a piece of your time.

The problem isn’t with any one of your projects. Nor is it with the distractions.

The problem is that it’s all tumbling around in your head like a dryer full of shoes—each project, goal, task, email, notification, or other distraction banging around, contributing to the noise.

Overwhelm attacks when you’re thinking of everything at once.

You can’t get caught up in the overwhelm. If you do, you’ll find yourself working hard but stressed because you’re making little progress. Each project will pull you in a different direction; your brain will be drawn and quartered, as if found guilty of high treason in medieval times.

You’ll know you’re doing this when you say things like “I don’t have time” or “there’s just too much to do.”

Don’t make excuses.

Don’t let another minute in disorganized thought slip away. Do something about it.

Instead of trying to brute force your way to success, instead of sitting and stewing and thinking and wondering where you’re going to find the time to get it all done, write it all down. Organize it in a way that makes sense. Then—and here’s the trick—schedule each item one by one.

Projects take time. Tasks take time. Emails and texts and phone calls and meetings all take time.

Instead of sitting around thinking about how much you have to do, take each item and schedule it.

Unless you put it on the calendar, it’s never going to get done.

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