Why You Can't Ever Stop Pushing

When this thing is spinning perfectly, it looks as if it could spin forever.

That isn’t by accident. It’s precision manufactured out of pure elements, this one out of Aluminum.

It’s light, it’s sexy, and it means business.

Even so, it doesn’t spin continuously. Despite a pinpoint bottom revolving on a polished glass base, friction causes this voluptuously curved beauty to slow and eventually topple.

Such is life.

You have ideas, start working on them, and gain momentum. You start a diet, begin exercising, and see results. You build a system, start following it, and get more productive.

But, as is evident in this @ForeverSpin top, all momentum naturally dissipates under normal, even ideal circumstances. It will happen with your ideas, your exercise, and your productivity too; they’ll eventually slow, stall, and topple.

Unless you add energy.

If you add energy, you keep the top spinning, the ideas flowing, the work progressing, and the productivity high. When you add energy, you prevent the top from falling, your ideas from stagnating, your work from stalling, and your productivity from waning. By adding energy, you keep the momentum—momentum that took so much effort to gain in the first place.

Don’t ever lose your momentum. Keep adding energy every chance you get.

Even if you can only add a little, add it. Create one new idea, do one push-up, tackle one task on your todo list today.

When you do, you keep the proverbial top spinning so you won’t have to suffer by watching it fall and so you don’t have to wonder how you’ll find the energy or time to start it from a full stop.

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Michael Mehlberg


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