Infographic | The Latest Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

How many times do other companies reach out to you via social media or a messaging service? 

It’s probably several times a day, right?

How many times a day do you pursue social media interactions with friends, family, and loved ones? 

Dozens? Hundreds? More? 

The combined time you spend sending and receiving social messages from everyone and ever company is growing at a crazy rate. No matter how you slice it, that's a lot of time... and that makes it very difficult for other messages to reach through to you and get your attention.

Now, imagine you are leading a marketing effort for your company. How on earth do you reach through to your customers? Customers who are inundated with messages from friends, family, loved ones, and other companies. Customers who are swimming in "noise."

If you've been trying to market your message to your customers recently, you know how difficult it is to cut through that noise. It's becoming a monumental task to attract anyone's attention!

It's time to change what you know about your customers and how to communicate with them.

Here are some best practices explaining how to effectively use social media in a modern way that cuts through the noise, get's your customers attention, and makes an impact:

The Latest Social Media Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know (Infographic)

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Kara Whittaker

Ghergich & Co. 

The biggest mistake you can make in content marketing is jumping on the “next big thing” bandwagon without a proper content marketing strategy. A proper strategy adds structure and purpose to your campaign. A strategy will turn chaotic and irregular content production into an efficient, streamlined content producing machine.

Ghergich & Co. helps you craft a Content Strategy that is customized to your industry and the unique way you work within it. Every strategy we do is unique to the client, but here are a few common elements we usually suggest.