Stop Wasting Time Reading Books

They are a treasured resource in our Information Age. They hold the worlds knowledge and the world's experiences. They capture the expertise of Masters across all professions, all geographies, and all time. 


We think of them with high regard. But, in reality, they are wasting most peoples’ time. They might be wasting yours.

Visit any bookstore (brick-and-mortar or online) and you will face a list of best sellers, trending reads, or the biggest deals. These books might entertain. They'll likely keep your attention page after page. But these books are the choices of others. 

These books are chosen by critics, rated by your peers, and have nothing to do with your purpose. They can’t help you realize your vision for the future. They can’t help you achieve your goals. 

So unless you are looking for some entertainment, rest, or relaxation, or unless the latest gossip from a politician or the latest reprint of some new box office hit will help you fulfill your goals, don’t waste your time.

Reading an entire book takes an enormous amount of time; spend that time reading something that will develop your skills, inspire you, transform you, and give you ideas to better yourself and your business.

Stop wasting time reading books (that waste your time).

About the Author


Mike Mehlberg

Frequent Reader of Productivity, Business, Strategy, and Science Fiction

Mike is constantly reading about productivity, organization, marketing, social media, copywriting, business, and anything else that will help him help high-achieving entrepreneurs live their passion with purpose. He also loves sci-fi to chill on the weekends :-). Contact him to find out how you can best spend the time between effort wisely, and achieve personal and professional victory.