Success Doesn't Make Sacrifices, It Make Choices

Your mind is an incredible transportation tool. 

In it, you can travel the world. You can put yourself in others' shoes. You can envision a future, more successful version of yourself. 

Your mind can also flip a bad situation on its head. You can see the good side of things, figuring out how to benefit from a regretful experience. 

Choosing how we view the world is a superpower. One that every human-being shares. 

This power is what incredible athletes, winning entrepreneurs, and high performers use to outperform their competition. They transport themselves into a world where there is only one path: Their path to achieving their goals. 

On this path, they don't make sacrifices. They make choices

Successful entrepreneurs don't sacrifice job security to run their own business. They choose freedom over dependency. 

High performers don't sacrifice leisure for hard work. They choose to build something they can be proud of over free time. 

Athletes don't sacrifice comfort to win gold medals. They choose to make a name for themselves over relaxation. 

I never made sacrifices; I made choices.
— Greg Seattle, Olympic Gold Medalist

When faced with the choice of steamed broccoli or peanut M&M's (the best M&M's, hands down), the candy will win every time... if you feel like you are sacrificing a treat for your health. "I deserve those M&M's," you'll say. "I worked hard, and they won't make that much of a difference." 

But shift your mind to choosing between a) health and physique or b) destroying any progress you've made while exercising and dieting and taking that much longer to achieve your ideal body form and weight, and that broccoli starts looking like a much better option. 

Don't focus on what you are missing. Transport your mind to a world where there are only choices. Choices that either help you achieve to the goals you are reaching for, or choices that take slow you down. 

In that world, you'll have no regrets; you'll have only progress and success. 

Don't make sacrifices. Make choices.