How to Prioritize When Everything Feels Important


If there's one thing that can confuse you, make you procrastinate, or cause undue stress in your day, it's thinking of all the things you should do.

I should meditate.

I should floss my teeth.

I should wake-up early.

Keep a gratitude journal. Plan my day. Update my website. Should, should, should.

It's downright exhausting. And what's worse, it's counterproductive.

Because people rarely do what they should do. But they always do what they have to do.

Take note though, I'm not talking about having to email someone back. I'm not talking about having to take out the garbage. I'm talking about something deep in your soul, telling what you have to do... what you MUST do.

Sure, maybe you should meditate. But if you have to update your sales funnel to convert a higher percentage of customers for your new product, then that becomes your priority.

Yes, sending that email is what you should do, but if you have to create a new Facebook Ad to generate new leads that will drive your new product sales to new heights, then that is your priority.


Should is not your priority. The things you should do are those nagging tasks that would be nice to have done, but not critical. Given enough time, the things you should be doing will turn into things you might want to do if you have time, which then  will transform into things you know you'll never do because they really aren't all that important.

The things you have to do are your priority. And focusing on those tasks will bring you clarity, relieve you of undue stress, and make procrastinating an artifact of the past.

Forget about what you should do and start working on that which you have to do

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