Focus on Your Work

There's no shortage of tools to help you design a website yourself. 

The same can be said of tools for business cards, marketing briefs, logos, and advertisements. 

There’s just no shortage. 

I suppose it’s because we often think these outward-facing things matter. And, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest they do. 

You could read volumes on A/B website testing to attract more visitors. Big companies spend thousands (if not millions) of dollars on choosing the right colors for their marketing campaigns. What's more, many of these outward-facing things can be measured, adjusted, and optimized for maximum results. 

But they can also be a huge distraction. 


It feels great to drag-and-drop pictures, tweak your homepage copy, and adjust the layout. You feel like you accomplished something. You feel like you made progress.

That feeling of progress, however, is an illusion

A beautiful business card for an entrepreneur with nothing to offer is useless. A stunning website with no product or service gets you nowhere. A perfectly crafted marketing brief for a shallow offering is worth less than the paper it’s printed on. 

Without the work behind it, all the time put into these activities feels good but doesn't result in anything of value. 

Real progress comes from focusing on your work. Real results come after you’ve refined the skills your work needs. Real achievement comes when you’ve refined your work into something that helps your friends, family, colleagues, or customers allay their fears or achieve their goals. 

You can spend all the time in the world futzing with how things look. But if your work sucks, you haven’t really accomplished anything.

Focus on your work. 

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