It’s Time To Fire Your Bad Customers

There’s no question about it.

A bad employee drags your company through the mud. A bad employee distracts management and leadership from their most important tasks. A bad employee drives good employees to gossip and great employees to seek employment elsewhere.

Bad employees have to go.

But what about bad customers?

Just recently, I sent a thoughtful article on productivity to my newsletter subscribers. These are entrepreneurs that opted in to receiving weekly emails on heightened personal performance and business mastery.

My email was tactful, polite, and discussed nothing controversial.

Yet, one response I received read, “Fuck you!”

That was it. No feedback. No questions. No logical explanation or reasoning. Just a big FU in a sad attempt to disrupt my day.

He wouldn’t disrupt my day though.

That customer was fired instantly, and I didn’t care how much money I lost because of it. He wasn’t going to drag me into a heated argument over some bullshit problem he had with my email. He wasn’t going to get free coaching or a month of membership gratis.

I’m working towards a goal. I’m surrounded by awesome entrepreneurs and creators who value Modern da Vinci and treat me with respect.

This guy wasn’t rowing our collective boat in the same direction, so he was fucking gone.

Like bad employees, bad customers drag your company through the mud. They distract your management and leadership from driving your company to new heights. They distract good employees with stories to gossip about. They drive your great employees to other companies.

Bad customers have to go.

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