You Just Gotta Do You

She literally wouldn’t look at the camera.

I tried calling her name. I tried whistling. I tried making that funny clicking noise... you know, when you smile, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and suction air through the sides of your teeth (what the hell is that called?)

But when it’s photo time, Dottie turns her bulldog head to show her “good side.” She will not look at the camera. And there’s nothing any human being can do about it.

That’s just one of the quirks that make Dottie, Dottie. When you know that about her, you love her even more for it.

Dottie wasn’t trying, but this stubborn bulldog quirk of hers contained a bit of advice:

You just gotta do you.


Just look at that picture. She couldn’t have cared less what anyone thought of her at that moment. She was just soaking up the sun, being her stubborn self. And it kind of puts a smile on your face :-).

In a world with too many people trying to fit-in, conform, or be someone others want them to be, watching others embrace themselves is energizing. It’s empowering. It reminds us that we can unapologetically, unabashadly be ourselves.

More so, it reminds us that we’re at our best when we’re honoring our individuality.

It’s a stress-free way of living. One where we don’t have to pretend, we don’t have to try, and we don’t have to worry someone else will take our place in the world.

After all, nobody can truly replicate you, your experiences, your thoughts, or your quirks.

So get out there, find your angle, and share it with the world. Inject your character, your experiences, and your unique perspective into your friendships, your family, and your business.

If you do, you just may find yourself face-forward in the sun, tongue hanging out, and a big toothy smile on your face amidst an outdoor photo shoot with your favorite fans (metaphorically speaking).

You just gotta do you.

PS. Thanks for the advice Dottie.

PPS. The real thanks goes to the people in the most incredible business mastermind in the world run by @johnromaniello in beautiful Manhattan, NY. These entrepreneurs are helping each other and me find our voices in this noisy world. It’s truly inspiring.

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