How to Destroy Your Limiting Constraints

The first time I watched my grade school friend, Brian, navigate his computer, I was awestruck.

Without touching the mouse, he was switching windows, selecting menu options, and “clicking” buttons on the keyboard, his fingers slamming keys like Mavis Beacon in a Red-Bull-induced typing competition 💻🏋️‍♀️😓.

I was shocked because I didn’t realize such speed and efficiency was possible.

Watching him, a master, was transformative.

That was 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve also learned to hammer my way around a computer using nothing more than a keyboard. It took practice, but never would have been possible without seeing Brian in action.

It helps to see how masters work.

They reset your expectations of what’s possible. They redirect your awareness from what you know to the skills you could learn that might positively impact your future.

Just yesterday, I walked a client through managing multiple projects. He’s what I’d call a high-achiever, eager to build his business, start new ventures, learn new skills, and grow.

He doesn’t need me to stay motivated; he’s got plenty of internal fire. What he needed was a system for running his coaching business, building an online business, and starting a completely new endeavor while staying healthy and stress-free.

In other words, he needed to find a way to:

  • get it all done without distraction

  • stay focused without the stress

  • organize the chaos that naturally comes from having so much on his plate

So we're working together to build a system that works for him. One that fits his style, doesn't bog him down in daily planning details, yet still allows him to maximize his time while maintaining balance in his life.

Nobody has called me a master of productivity (yet 🤭), but sometimes you just need to see one transformative idea to set your mind free from limiting constraints.

That's what Brian did for me with computers. That's what I aim to do for my clients with business, productivity, and organization.

Who’s one master in your life that transformed your thinking and left you awestruck with something you never previously thought possible?

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Michael Mehlberg


I help high-achieving entrepreneurs live their passion and achieve their dreams by consistently saving time, getting productive, and being more efficient and organized.

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