The Importance of Living by Simple Rules

Every year without fail, on the first day of school, my Father would remind me to follow three simple rules:

  1. Do what’s right.

  2. Do the best you can.

  3. The golden rule.

This past week, as school started for my own children, I reminded them to follow those same three rules. They got the first two, but when asked to recall the golden rule they said, “to have fun?”


“No, that’s not it,” I replied. “It’s to treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Their collective silence was deafening.

My oldest son rolled his eyes, my middle child inexplicably smirked, and my daughter just stared at me, wondering why I wasn’t pouring her Lucky Charms. 🍀💛🌈


That’s okay. I can’t expect a ten, seven, and four year old to take these rules to heart. The words will take years to sink in, like they did for me.

But as an adult, in a complicated world of desire, instant gratification, and single-serve friends (shameless Fight Club reference), these words are as important as ever.

You need simple rules to live by. Virtues. Unassailable standards that guide your every action.

These three do the trick for me. Maybe they’ll work for you too.

Even in the face of tough decisions, do what’s right.

Even when your competition is fierce and losing looks like the only option, do the best you can.

And even when others find ways to bring you down, h̷a̷v̷e̷ ̷f̷u̷n̷ 🤦‍♂️ treat others with dignity and respect, just the way you would want to be treated.

What are your rules? Comment below👇

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