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It was a three Advil and two Tylenol kind of morning.

I should have known it would be.

You can’t drink two beers, down three glasses of wine, eat four cake pops, go to bed five hours late, and expect to wake up at six am rearing to go.

At least I can’t.

No, when I woke this morning after a night of food-and-bedtime-debauchery, you could have told me I’d woken up in a hot desert surrounded by screaming children while staring directly into the sun and I would have believed it.

I felt that bad.


Despite my overwhelming desire to crawl back under the covers, waking up at 10:30am was far too late for me. So I raided the medicine cabinet like a ravenous animal, choked down some friendly looking blue pills without water, and stumbled downstairs with thoughts of drinking coffee directly out of the carafe.

My Friday night hangover lasted six full hours into Saturday, destroying the productive day I'd planned for myself and the fun I’d planned for my family.

I was stalled, stuck, unable to figure out how to proceed or what to do next. So I went searching for inspiration; something to help me understand what went wrong and how to recover. In doing so, I came across these words from John Wooden:

Balance is crucial in everything we do. Along with love it’s among the lost important things in life. I strive for balance in my leadership and coaching and taught that balance was necessary for Competitive Greatness: The body has to be in balance; the mind has to be in balance; emotions must be in balance. Balance is important everywhere and in everything we do.
— John Wooden

Sometimes you work too hard during the week and party too hard during the weekend. And though it doesn’t feel good, it’s okay. Those Instagram celebrities who seem to have everything in order have bad days too... they just don’t show it.

What matters is that you find a way to right your ship when it tips too far one way (work) or the other (fun).

John Wooden is right, balance is everything. Maintain it when you can, and if you find one grouchy morning that you haven’t, do what you can to bring balance back to your life, even if you have to start with Advil and Tylenol 😉.

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