11 Ways Camping Can Help Your Productivity

11 Ways Camping Can Help Your Productivity

By Tim Fox with Outdoor with J

Camping can be a wonderful experience. Not only is it a great way to spend time, but it can actually make you more productive.

There are numerous great benefits to spending time outdoors. Here we look at 11 ways how camping will help your productivity in the office, at home, and in life.

1. Takes away your daily stress

There is no doubt that life can be a stressful experience. The constant pressure of home, bills, and work can bring many people down and burn them out.

Being in the great outdoors is going to be able to reduce that stress and make you feel a lot more relaxed about life. It’ll allow you to clear your mind and have faster thought processes.

This is going to help in many areas of your life. It helps to declutter your mind and therefore make you a lot more productive. 

2. Rising early with a spring in your step

It can feel counter-intuitive to link sleep with productivity. Being tired, however, will decrease your productivity and make you more lethargic.

There is something lovely about being able to wake up with nature. You often wake up early with camping but that fresh air and natural light can make you feel more awake.

It’s also a lovely way to start your day. It awakens your senses as not only do you get that natural light but also the sound and smell of the wild. 

3. Delegating tasks will improve your skills

Camping can take you out of your comfort zone in many respects. You will often be completing tasks that you might never have done before.

This also means that you need to delegate responsibility. Everyone in the group will have a different role that they need to complete.

You will then be able to use these delegation skills in other areas of life. It will help to increase productivity by getting everything you need to be done quickly and efficiently.

4. No distractions will clear your mind

When you are at home or in the office, there are a wide number of different things that are going to cause a distraction.

It could be someone knocking at the door, a phone ringing or any of the other countless things you encounter in a day.

Camping will help to clear your mind of that and allow you to have a few moments of peace.

5. Get away from your electronics

Whether it is your mobile phone or your laptop, many people rely on their electronic devices. You think that they’re vital for their daily function.

It’s only when you step outside and get away from them that you see how little you need them. They can be a constant distraction and drastically reduce productivity.

It’s best to use these devices more sporadically and using them less will allow you to streamline your time and get more done.

6. Sleeping early will make you feel better

Artificial light can be useful in many instances but in others, it can be a curse. It’s not as healthy and it can keep you up longer than you should.

After a day of camping activities, not many people want to stay up late and there are fewer distractions stopping you from getting to sleep.

Trying to fall asleep in that peaceful environment in your sleep bag is much better for you, will give you more sleep and make you feel better the next day.

7. Taking in the fresh air will improve your health

If you live in a city, it’s likely that the air quality isn’t going to be that great. Pollution can also have negative health affects too.

When you step into the outdoors it can be revitalizing taking in that fresh air. Filling your lungs with clean oxygen can make you feel a lot better.

It’s those revitalizing qualities of being in the outdoors which can make you feel a lot more productive. You’ll be able to head home with a renewed energy.

8. Exercising will improve your mood

It’s been proven that exercising is going to help to improve your mood. The release of serotonin will give you a lift and make you feel better.

You are always going to be at your productive best when you’re happier and with camping, you’ll be getting plenty of exercise.

Whether that is hiking, making your camp or any other form of activity. Camping is a great way for you to get more active. 

9. Healthier eating will decrease lethargy

When you are out there camping, there aren’t any fast food restaurants or takeaways that you enjoy. You don’t have any option to eat healthily.

This has been shown to increase the energy that you have. With the higher amount of energy, you’re going to be able to get more done.

Unhealthy foods can slow you down and make you feel more lethargic. Camping will improve your eating habits and make you feel more productive.

10. Increasing self-confidence

With camping, you’ll most likely be doing activities that you don’t often do. It requires you to learn new skills and to be inventive.

Being able to excel at these skills will give you a level of confidence. You could well surprise yourself at excelling in new areas.

There is also the benefit of being able to do something new. It’ll help open your eyes and you will be able to increase your skills and be more productive.

11. Helps with problem-solving

With camping, you’re always going to find things that you’ve not encountered before. It presents problems that you never usually have to worry about.

Problem-solving is important to many different aspects of life. It helps you process things quicker and be more efficient with your time.

Solving such problems when you are camping will make you feel great. You’ll then be able to take these skills into other areas of your life.

Explore the outdoors

As we’ve seen here, camping can have a wide range of brilliant benefits. All that’s left to do is book your next camping trip and enjoy all the benefits we have seen here.

You can often get into a rut with over-working and over-thinking. Camping will help you to get out of that can clear your mind.

About the Author

Tim Fox is an outdoor enthusiast, writer and cofounder of Outdoor with J. A blog where he writes about his love to camping and hiking.