11 Ways Camping Can Help Your Productivity

11 Ways Camping Can Help Your Productivity

Camping can be a wonderful experience. Not only is it a great way to spend time, but it can actually make you more productive.

There are numerous great benefits to spending time outdoors. Here we look at 11 ways how camping will help your productivity in the office, at home, and in life.

How to Find Your Breathing Space for a Productive and Important Day

Tucson, Arizona is a beautiful and treacherous place.

At 6am, before the golden sun broke over its cactus-covered foothills, the still, dry air was not yet hot enough to have chased us visitors back in to the comfort of the air conditioned resort. The poisonous tarantulas had not yet crawled out from under their rock homes to scout for mates. The venomous rattlesnakes had not yet set out on their evening hunt for food.

The dangers were minimal. It was the perfect time to be outdoors...


But I wasn't out on that serene landscape with those dangers in mind.

I was out to escape the dangers of a world that, in a few short hours, would attack me with its demands, distractions, and expectations; just me, wandering, out for a hike through the desert for no other reason than to hike.

No, this hike didn’t solve some problem or accomplish some goal.

It was the fuel, the space between the logs, the breathing space for what would be a productive and important day.

This weekend, before the demands and distractions of the coming week, take time to find your breathing space.

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