Small Business Advantage Email Course

Five Brief Lessons To...

Get Focused. Stay Healthy. Take Control.

The 1st (and Only) Course to Focus on Building a Focused, Healthy, Sustainable Business in Just 5 Days. 

What's In the Course?
1. Five short (less than 5 minutes each) lessons on strategy, leadership, marketing, etc.
2. Strategic Planning Template to get you focused on what's most important.
3. Product Justification Template to build a wildly successful product.
4. Five cheat sheets on the most critical aspects of running a business.

How Will It Help?
1. By bringing order to the chaos of running a business.
2. By focusing your priorities on goals that will get results.

+ Find out if you are an absent leader, a fake leader, or a real one.
+ Learn how to build a committed, accountable, productive team.
+ Discover the (backwards) way to market your products and services like Apple.