Small Business Advantage Brief Week 4, 2017

Are You Building Trust With Your Marketing?

Marketing | By Katie Sullivan

Most Valuable Insight?

Trust is a fundamental feeling your customers have (or don’t) about all parts of your business. Without trust, they won’t buy or share your product with others. Look deeply at the relationship you have with your customers. Evaluate this relationship from their perspective. Even if you don’t like the answer, knowing how much or little your customers trust you is critical to influencing them to buy.

Additional Insights

  • Consumer surveys show that a buyer needs at least 6, and as many as 20 positive reviews to convince themselves you can be trusted enough to buy.
  • How do you gain consumer trust?
    • Be transparent – Share the good with the bad. Customers will appreciate the honesty and trust will build because of it.
    • Be human, personal, nurturing – Don’t market to your customers, talk to them. Show that you appreciate them. Get inside their head and truly help them solve their problems.
    • Be social – Use social media, but not to influence the masses… help your loyal customers and watch them do all the talking.
    • Be a good listener – Take your customers seriously, understand their perspective, and act on what you’re hearing.

Just check out this graphic on the most likely marketing activities that influence buying…

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New From This Week

In case you haven’t seen it, we created a video on staying focused and productive each and every day. In it, we review a simple tool called the Eisenhower Priority Matrix to help you work on the important tasks (instead of being pulled around by the urgent ones).

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