Small Business Advantage Brief Week 5, 2017


Sales for Small Business Owners

Sales | Written by Wendy Connick

An appropriate title for this week’s Small Business Advantage Brief, this article strikes a nice balance between running a small business and growing your small business pipeline (so as not to experience famine a few months down the road).

Key Insights

  1. Do a little bit of selling every day. You’re not going to land deals immediately after cold-calling someone… sometimes it can take months to mature an opportunity into revenue.
  2. Don’t spend time doing sales-related busywork… delegate or outsource things like contract paperwork. Set up a CRM system (I highly recommend Pipedrive, Hubspot is an up-and-coming system, and SalesForce is the 800-pound gorilla in the space).

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On Selling, Sales, and Landing Business…

  • Sales for People Who Don’t Like Selling >> Some people compare sales to that of a used car dealership… slimy, underhanded, and generally despicable. If that’s you, give this article a read. It takes you through the five steps of selling just about anything and has a few good questions to ask potential clients along the way.
  • Sales and Passing the Pen Test >> Don’t bother reading this article. It’s too long and struggles to make its point. However, this one quote I gleaned from it hits the nail on the head: “If your pipeline sucks you will fail. If your pipeline is full with quality and quantity, predictability improves and the industry statistical norms will at least be achieved. Also, it makes it a lot easier to end all price negotiations. Clients like hearing no because it is precise. Decision makers always need the most precise information, if they feel they can negotiate then it is an unknown and the unknown is troubling.”

New From This Week

Seth Sinclair ran a webinar this week on creating a purpose and strategy statement for your business, helping you focus on the right goals for success in 2017. You can find a recording in the Members Area here if you missed it.