Lesson 2 | Project Initiation

Welcome to Lesson 2, Project Initiation

With the basics out of the way, we can now move on to the beginnings of a project, or Project Initiation. 

Some would say this is the most important part of a project as it defines how you will get started before you build a plan for project success. 

Going through the initiation phase will prevent unnecessary changes to the plan down the road. Once you cover these concepts, you'll be better off than more than 93% of people who feel unproductive at work (yes, that's a real statistic) because their projects aren't well defined. 

  1. Initiating Phase Objectives
  2. The Project Charter
  3. Project Stakeholders
  4. Preliminary Scope Definition
  5. Lesson 2 Quiz on Key Concepts  
  6. Activity 2 - Charter Review 

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Lesson 2 | Key Concepts Quiz

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Projects should be aligned with organizational strategy and strategic objectives. *
What is the high level document that communicates business need, preliminary project characteristics, authorizes the project, and identifies the project manager? *
When is influence in a project at its greatest? *
Why is stakeholder analysis important? *

Lesson 2 | Activity

In this activity, we are going to look at a sample project charter created by company XYZ. 

The project team was in charge of a 5k fundraiser in the Washington DC metro area to raise money for XYZ foundation. They did their best to create a working project charter, but unfortunately it has many flaws. 

First, download the flawed Project Charter and review it in detail. Look for some things that may be missing or wrong and make a note of it. 

Once done, download the correct Project Charter and note the differences side-by-side. 

This activity will help you think actively about creating a project charter that works, and not a useless one that will cause problems down the road. 

How did you do? 


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