Lesson 4 | Executing

Welcome to Lesson 4, Executing

Woohoo, we have a plan! Now let's execute.

But wait, we can't just start taking on tasks willy nilly. We have to develop our project team, and manage the execution. 

Here are the topics we'll cover in detail:

  1. Executing Phase Objectives
  2. Managing Execution
  3. Developing the Project Team
  4. Lesson 4 Quiz on Key Concepts

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Lesson 4 | Key Concepts Quiz

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In most projects, the majority of the budget is spent during the __________ phase? *
How does the Project Manager and Team take timely corrective action? *
What skills should a Project Manager be able to apply to their job? *
What is one method for creating a high performing team? *
What are the outputs of the Project Execution Phase? *


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