Lesson 5 | Project Monitoring and Control

Welcome to Lesson 5, Project Monitoring and Control

At this point in the course, you are more than halfway done! Congrats on making it this far. Now let's cover one of my favorite parts of project management, monitoring and control. 

Once the project is underway and execution has begun, we need to keep track of the schedule, risks, quality, and costs. Perhaps most importantly, we need to prevent scope creep which is the unnecessary addition of new requirements (one of the biggest killers of projects). 

Here's what we'll cover in this lesson to learn how to do that:

  1. Monitoring and Controlling Phase Objectives
  2. Quality Control
  3. Scope Verification and Control
  4. Schedule Control
  5. Cost Control
  6. Lesson 5 Quiz on Key Concepts
  7. Activity 3 - Managing Scope

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Lesson 5 | Key Concepts Quiz

Take this quiz before moving onto lesson 6 to ensure you've learned the concepts. Answers will be shown immediately after filling out and submitting this form.

The goal of monitoring is to identify __________ the project plan and take corrective or preventative action as needed. *
__________ control is the process of monitoring specific project results to ensure they comply with quality standards. *
__________ control is the process of effectively managing changes and integrating them appropriately across the entire project. *
The Project Manager should __________ changes to the project scope, schedule, and budget. *
Deliverables must be formally accepted by __________ before they are considered complete. *
What three values does earned value analysis integrate to accurately assess the project? *

Lesson 5 | Activity

In this scope management activity, you are the manager of a project focused on building a new website for your organization.  Your team is currently in the development phase and is about 75% done building the site.  While the project is currently on budget and on schedule, you have burned up most of your contingency and know that the team has very little margin of error getting to the finish line.  Read through the following scenarios and plan a strategy for responding to and managing the requested changes.

During prior analysis and design phases you worked closely with project stakeholders to gather requirements for the site. You created detailed screenshots of all main site pages along with technical specifications and received formal verification from the project sponsor before transitioning into the development phase. An executive within the organization unexpectedly approaches you with some suggestions about the site’s appearance. After recently looking at several similar sites, he decides he would like to see a “fancier” design, including adding a flash introduction and interactive controls on the site home page. This particular executive is very opinionated and vocal and has already started to sell the idea around to others in the organization.
Your team has been executing various IT projects within the organization for a long time and has established an excellent relationship and reputation with stakeholders. During the design phase you gathered their feedback mostly through informal meetings and conversations. Without any notice, the Project Sponsor leaves for another job and is replaced by a new person that was not previously involved in the project. The new Sponsor immediately requests a full project briefing and design review. During the review the new Sponsor generates a long list of change requests, some of which are minor but others that could require your team to re-build several modules in the site resulting in delays and cost increases.
A teammate approaches you in a panic. A recently passed regulatory change now requires all newly deployed government sites to include specific design elements and content that you have not accounted for. Even worse, the regulation also requires you to submit new pages for third-party review and approval before you can deploy them.


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