By Giving Your Small Business the Breakthrough it Needs to Get Unstuck and Fulfill Your Original Dream

As a Small Business Owner, you can’t afford to leave success to chance.  You have too much at stake: Your profitability, your employees, and your own well-being.  Yet it’s extraordinarily difficult for small businesses to thrive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 50% wont’ survive past five years, and only a third make it to ten years.

It’s no secret why. Burned-out owners, dysfunctional management, operational mediocrity, disgruntled employees, and unclear messaging are just a few reasons former small business owners list as main reasons they shut their doors.

What can you do to overcome these odds?

How do you give your business the breakthrough it needs to start growing again?

What can you do to decrease stress and frustration, avoid miscommunication, eliminate conflict, reduce indecisiveness and get rid of that overwhelming feeling of being “stuck”?  

The answer is simple, yet even the smartest business owners ignore or fail to recognize it.

It comes down to 5 critical factors that prevent small business owners from achieving their dreams... factors that are foundational to any successful business. And every small business tends to have at least one factor holding them back.

But here's the problem: How can you find the time to focus on these issues when you are busy running your business and putting out fires on a daily basis?

Let Our Experts Guide You

For more than 15 years, we have worked with a diverse range of small businesses, coaching executives and leading engagements on the 5 critical factors for success.

We have helped take a small products start-up to acquisition by a multi-billion-dollar company, built a steady app development business with tens of thousands of users and broad social marketing reach, helped a clean energy startup build an entire engineering team for across two of America’s top-ten largest cities, and worked directly with C-level founders in a patents company to grow undeveloped markets into a multi-million-dollar business.

While developing and growing these companies, we have run an engineering organization, coached leadership executives, led a portfolio of technology products, and directed the business development and sales efforts of worldwide markets. 

Our founders have a combined 35 years of experience learning the fundamentals of building and growing great companies: 

  • Discovering market problems
  • Creating a vision
  • Developing that vision into a plan
  • Building an organization of A-players
  • Fostering commitment and cohesion among leadership and staff
  • Leading them to success through effective management and processes
  • Analyzing industries, markets, and competitors
  • Creating market strategies including TAM, SAM, and SOM
  • Influencing key buyers through effective presentations, panels, forums, and conferences

We have taken all of these experiences and built a One-Day Breakthrough Program to help you address your most pressing issues and take control of your future.  It is a fast-paced, intense, eight-hour session designed to help you and your leadership team focus on the most important aspects of your business.

You will walk out of this course with a renewed energy and focus and a specific set of actions to attack weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.

  Seth Sinclair  Leadership and Business Strategy Expert

Seth Sinclair
Leadership and Business Strategy Expert

  Michael Mehlberg  Technology, Marketing, and Business Development Expert

Michael Mehlberg
Technology, Marketing, and Business Development Expert

Business was just blah, our website wasn’t looking good and our Etsy site didn’t bring in any revenue. We needed help so the guys from Modern Da Vinci showed us how to stand out. They worked on our Search Engine Optimization (SEO’S) to push our page ranking up. Our website now is the first site that pops up when a Google search is done not someone else’s site as before. They also took the time to work with us on our Meta Files and Alt Files to drive more interest to our products on Etsy. Since working with them our Etsy site is doing great and is linked to our website to make purchases easy. Thank you so much for your help!
— J. Smith, Anique Rescue


If you could have clarity, focus, alignment, and a clear plan to turn your small business around.

Imagine regaining control of your business and having a clear plan to turn things around after just one day.

Imagine starting tomorrow on a list of simple, straightforward, obvious enhancements to your business that will have a measurable impact. Imagine knowing what specific actions you could take to capitalize on your strengths and attack weaknesses that are holding your business back.

You would be able to solve problems faster, prioritize better, retain loyal and motivated employees, leaving you with a decisive competitive advantage.

What Will You Get?

Your business purpose --clear, focused, and aligned to your team, your brand, and your customers.

A renewed focus on the most important actions your small business needs to to achieve it's purpose.

Your leadership team, communicating, all on the same page and heading in the same direction.

Over the course of one-day, our expert facilitators will guide you and your leadership team through assessment, training, and planning exercises based on Five Critical Factors for Small Business Success.

Module 1: Purpose

Understanding Purpose is essential to any business.  Purpose is the foundation on which a business is built and it informs every aspect of planning and decision making.  Does your business have a clear purpose?  How well is it understood and communicated?  How does it flow into your strategy and your brand?

Module 2: Leadership

There are many talented, smart, and hardworking people and businesses out there.  But these traits alone don’t guarantee success; what’s just as important as your intelligence and work ethic is your leadership ability.  By this we mean the capacity you have to manage your emotions, communicate effectively, handle conflict, motivate others, and overcome setbacks.  Do you and the members of your leadership team have the individual leadership skills and presence needed set a vision, attract talent, and outlast your competitors?  What leadership gaps do you need to address?

Module 3: Team

Teams are at the heart of all successful businesses. High performing teams -- those that align to a shared vision, draw on strengths, and get the job done, even in spite of organizational, interpersonal, and technical challenges -- don’t happen by accident.  Does your leadership team have the trust, commitment, and accountability, and resilience that are required for survival?  What is holding your team back from achieving your goals?

Module 4: Products and Services

Your products and services will thrive when they solve your customer’s problems.  The features and solutions you choose to prioritize must be aligned to your customer’s needs.  How do you provide value to your customers?  How are you different from your competition?

Module 5: Messaging

Even if you have perfect alignment of purpose, leadership, team, and solutions, your business will only grow when your customers know who you are and understand what you have to offer.  How do you ensure that you have a high visibility with your customers?  What steps are you taking to build new relationships?  How do you know if you are marketing in the right place?

You’ll Get Real Results, and a Real Advantage

Within each area, we will lead your team through a series of questions and exercises designed to assess where your business currently stands. We’ll facilitate discussion and encourage honesty and candor among the participants. We’ll apply our expertise in leadership and growth to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in each area and partner with you to design specific actions take to take your business forward. 

After just eight hours, you can expect to walk out of the One-Day Breakthrough Program with:

 Confidence and clarity on the direction of your business.  An Understanding of critical issues that may be holding your business back.

Confidence and clarity on the direction of your business.

An Understanding of critical issues that may be holding your business back.

 Consensus on your business's top priorities and values.   Stronger relationships and trust among your leadership team.

Consensus on your business's top priorities and values. 

Stronger relationships and trust among your leadership team.

 Alignment of your products and services with your purpose and target market.

Alignment of your products and services with your purpose and target market.

 A Report Card scoring the health of your business and listing action steps aligned to each of the 5 critical factors for small business success.

A Report Card scoring the health of your business and listing action steps aligned to each of the 5 critical factors for small business success.

We offer custom strategy, leadership, team building, products and services development, marketing, and sales coaching to businesses that request additional help.

Less Than the Price of a Copy Machine

This program includes everything needed to prepare for and facilitate a one-day session (eight total hours in duration) held at your business location. When you sign up, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • A pre-call to prepare for the session
  • Two professional and experienced facilitators on-site for one full-day
  • All materials needed to complete the session, including copies of Modern da Vinci’s Five Critical Factors for Small Business Success Guide
  • A written One-Day Breakthrough Report Card and Action Steps
  • A follow-up call within 45 days to assess your progress and plan next steps

To cover these 5 critical factors, typical coaches would charge tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, we would normally price each module at $5,000 (or $25,000 for the entire program).

However, our One-Day Breakthrough program is truly unique – we designed it from the ground up specifically to fit the needs, time constraints, and budgets of small businesses. While competitors charge exorbitant fees for consulting services that results in little tangible impact, the One-Day Breakthrough program won’t cost you $25,000.

It won’t even cost you $10,000.

Start the One-Day Breakthrough program now and give your business a decisive competitive advantage for only $4,750.

Not only will you receive the benefits of the program, we are committed to supporting you and your business by following through on any action steps identified.  Within 45 days of the session, we will follow-up with a scheduled call to check-in on progress and coach you on how to best move forward. 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Modern da Vinci is fully committed to your satisfaction. We believe that you and your team will walk out of the One-Day Breakthrough session with renewed focus and commitment. We believe you’ll say it’s one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your business.

However, if for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the results, you pay what you want. Period. That makes trying the program risk free.


Who is the this program for?       

The Advantage program is designed specifically for small businesses, especially those with $250,000 - $25 million in annual revenue or approximately 10 – 500 employees.

Does it matter what industry my business is in? 

No, although Modern da Vinci does have particular expertise working with businesses focused on offering professional services and technology solutions.   

What are some of the benefits?    

  • Clarity on the purpose of your business
  • An understanding of your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved cohesion, unity, and trust within your leadership team
  • Alignment of your messaging with your purpose and goals
  • Consensus on priorities and key actions moving forward

What do I need to prepare?           

Participate in a pre-call with the Modern da Vinci team to provide background information on you and your business.

What if I am not satisfied?     

At the end of the program, the facilitators will ask you to complete a very brief survey assessing the program.  Simply let the facilitators know that you are not happy with the program at the end of the day and tell us what you think it was worth. You only pay that amount!

Who should participate?    

The principal owner(s) of the business as well as any members of the businesses executive/leadership team.  Up to 10 total participants may attend.

What will I walk away with after the session?     

  • An Advantage scorecard identifying the health of your business in each of the Five Critical Factors for Small Business Success. 
  • A list of recommended actions aligned to each area.
  • A follow-up call within 45 days of the session to assess your progress.

Are there any additional fees?     

The Modern da Vinci team is based in the DC Metro Area.  For any business that is outside of the immediate area, we will also charge for reasonable and necessary expenses to travel to your business location. 

When do I pay?        

You’ll pay 50% of the program fee ($2,375.00) when you sign up for the program.  You’ll pay the remaining 50% plus any applicable expenses upon completion of the program.

What if I want to cancel or reschedule?   

Modern da Vinci will refund your deposit in full if you cancel within 30 days of the scheduled date of the session. 

Start the One-Day Breakthrough program now and give your business a decisive competitive advantage for only $4,750.