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These are the 5 things you absolutely need to implement in your small business...

Do these, and you will:

  1. Build a business full of loyal customers, eager to buy anything you sell.
  2. Build a team that almost runs on autopilot, giving you time to work "on" the business, not "in" it.
  3. Build your leadership style, focused and decisive, making major positive impacts on your team, your customers, and your community.

Ignore these 5 things? You'll miss out on opportunities and keep losing money no matter how hard you work.

What's Inside This 7 Page Guide?

  1. A simple technique to develop a strategy that focuses your small business on revenue-generating success.
  2. The leadership qualities necessary to delegate responsibilities and have more time in your day (some of these will surprise you).
  3. Discover the secret to building a team that delivers products on time and under budget (even if your team is dysfunctional and broken).
  4. Uncover powerful questions you must ask to develop products your customers will beg you to buy.
  5. Learn the backwards way of thinking needed to market your company like Apple and generate endless customer loyalty.

Who's Publishing Our Advice?

About the Authors

Michael Mehlberg
Michael Mehlberg helps small businesses owners achieve their goals and live their passion through nearly 15 years of technology, corporate strategy, product development, marketing, and sales expertise. Email him at or learn more on our About page.

Seth Sinclair

Seth Sinclair is a leadership coach, management consultant, trainer, and facilitator with a passion for helping his clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Reach out by emailing him at or learn more on our About page.