Consulting and Coaching


Free Strategy Consultation

You're a small business owner, looking to grow. You've had some success, maybe some products and services that serve your customers. But you need to drive growth, sales, and business in your market... Let's take 30 minutes to explore how we can help you build a clear and focused business strategy for maximum sales impact so you can stand out in your market, eliminate the competition, and grow with purpose and speed. 


Business Breakthrough Program

Our One-Day Breakthrough Program is the fastest way to get your small business unstuck. We walk you and your leadership team through a fast-paced, 8-hour session designed to help you build focus, alignment, consensus, and momentum on the most important aspects of your business. Our expert facilitators will guide you and your leadership team through assessment and planning exercises based on those five critical factors to small business success.


Business owners Connected Membership

As a Small Business Owner, you can’t afford to leave success to chance. There is too much at stake – from your profitability, to your employees, to your own well-being. Our Business Owners Connected Membership will connect your company with other business owners, business growth experts, and resources your small business needs to grow and thrive. 

Courses and Training


Project Management Fundamentals Course

If you're just looking to get organized, be consistently productive, and save time every day, our Project Management Fundamentals Course can get you there. It's a plain-english organization, planning, and team building online course that will give you the processes, tools, and techniques to be an efficient, relaxed, productive doer who gets $%#@ done and produces consistent results. Deliver your projects on schedule and under budget time and time again!