Master Your Life and Business Without Sacrifice

There’s a feeling you get at the end of your day when you know you’ve crushed it. You’ve accomplished everything you wanted, maybe more. You have time to relax, recharge, get a good nights sleep, and steal another victory tomorrow.


It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Get 8 hours of sleep. Wake up at 4am. Meditate. Take a cold shower.

All these “live-your-best-life hacks” are impossibly difficult, and unnecessary. You have more time in your day thank you think… enough time to make major progress on your most important goals.

At Modern da Vinci, We don’t do "life hacks."

We start with purpose.

We help you define what's important to you, your family, your work, your life. From there, we build a system that has you crushing every day and moving closer to your goals, one task at a time—a personal system for getting things done and making a difference. 

How Modern da Vinci Helps


Get Organized

Discover the right tools and practices to organize your digital and personal life so you never waste time searching again.


Manage Time

Find extra hours in your day with simple exercises that will reign in the chaos and get your calendar under control. 


Drive Growth

Define a path for growth, taking you to your vision of success, and build a plan to get there.


Clear Focus

Clarify your purpose for ultimate focus, productivity, and the drive to get up, get moving, and tackle your day with passion.


Stand Out

Develop a vision and set goals so you can do what you love every day, stand out, and absolutely crush it. 


Lasting Impact

Make consistent progress that impacts people and leaves a lasting positive change in the world. 


About the Author

Mike Mehlberg

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Author, Fitness Nut, Organization Freak, Productivity Junkie

Mike helps high-achieving entrepreneurs live their passion and achieve their dreams by consistently saving time, getting productive, and being more efficient and organized.

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