High-Achieving Entrepreneurs Know…

There’s a feeling you get at the end of your day when you know you’ve crushed it. You’ve accomplished everything you wanted, maybe more. You have time to relax, recharge, get a good nights sleep, and steal another victory tomorrow.

Does This Sound Like You?

I would love to hear about managing the influx of requests that I receive. There’s often no order to a busy week of requests, and as is typical in ministry, many people ask at the last minute… resulting in a pile of short-turnaround work projects.
— Isaac
It would be great to see some thoughts on how to map out priorities, manage competing priorities and my own time, and deal with an ever-evolving strategy that needs to be kept as a ‘living document’ rather than a ‘set-and-forget’.
— Greg
I feel like I can’t reach that focused work like I used to. I haven’t been able to make good progress on any of my projects due to it, and they have been piling up. Not to mention my own ambitions of what I truly want to do in my life get pushed to the back burner.
— Abbey

How Modern da Vinci Helps


Get Organized

Discover the right tools and practices to organize your digital and personal life so you never waste time searching again.


Manage Time

Find extra hours in your day and perform simple exercises that will reign in the chaos and get your calendar under control. 


Drive Growth

Personal growth, business growth, whatever it may be... define a path to your vision of success and build a plan to get there.


Rise with Fire

Clarify your purpose for ultimate focus, productivity, and the drive to get up, get moving, and tackle your day with passion.


Shine Brightly

Develop a vision and set goals so you can do what you love every day, stand out, and absolutely crush it. 


Lasting Impact

Make consistent progress that impacts people and leaves a lasting positive change in the world. 

How We're Different


It's exhausting, isn't it?

Eat protein first thing in the morning... but fast until 2pm. Wake up at 4am... but get 8 hours of sleep. Turn off your phone notifications... but immediately respond to your customers to maximize sales. 

All these live-your-best-life hacks are confusing and have you chasing your tail, trying to live the life others define for you.

The fact of the matter is, some of these hacks work, but only if they're part of an overarching plan; a personal strategy for getting things done and making a difference. 

Modern da Vinci doesn't just give you random "life hacks." We start with purpose.

We help you define what's important to you, your family, your work, your life. From there, we can build a vision, develop goals, and create a plan that has you crushing every day, moving closer to your ultimate success one task at a time. 



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Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Author, Fitness Nut, Organization Freak, Productivity Junkie

After helping take a startup to acquisition by a multi-billion dollar company, building a successful mobile app business with tens of thousands of users, turning a failing intellectual property business into a trusted source for new commercial products in the US Government and Defense market, Mike started Modern da Vinci to help high-achieving entrepreneurs live their passion and achieve their dreams by consistently saving time, getting productive, and being more efficient and organized.

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