Stop Screaming at Your Customers

I had to stop the screaming.

That is what I was doing after all. Screaming.

For an entire year, I shouted my company message at would-be customers like an activist with a megaphone... And got zero results.

I read every blog post on the latest marketing tactics, tried every online sales trick claiming to land more customers, and broadcast my message on every social media channel available.

Nobody heard me.


They won’t hear you either.

That’s because every one of your competitors is doing the same thing. They are on all the same social media channels, trying all the same marketing tricks, and screaming just as loud for your customers’ attention.


It simply doesn’t work anymore.

What does work are relevant, personal stories to grab your customers' attention. What does work is absolute clarity and brevity in your marketing message showing how you’re different. What works is a singular, enticing call to action that, when taken, solves your customers’ most pressing problems.

In other words, you need to get in your customers head, explain why you’re different, clearly instruct them on how you can help, and show them how they can buy… as quickly as possible.

Take too long and they’ll click the proverbial (or literal) back button. Get it right, and your marketing will efficiently find and land customers, even above all the noise.

When you try screaming louder than the competition, your customers don’t hear you; they just hear more noise.

I had to stop the screaming. You should too.

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Michael Mehlberg


I help high-achieving entrepreneurs organize their brain and schedule so they can organize their life and business.

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