How to Succeed at Business When Things Are Looking Bleak

In this podcast, Modern da Vinci expert and business owner Seth Sinclair talks about how difficult it is for small businesses to succeed, how anxiety and stress build when business plans don’t pan out as expected, and how financial and other pressures can lead business owners to give up.  He shares a personal and recent story about persisting through these challenges over a two-year period to finally achieve a foundation of success. 

Key Points:

  • Starting, owning, and growing a small business is an inherently difficult thing to do.
  • Almost every business owner, even those who now are very successful, have suffered through some painful low points where it looked like they were bound to fail.
  • Overnight successes are very unlikely; it’s important to be realistic about the amount of time and effort it takes to get established, make the first sale, and start to make money.  It may be months or even years longer than you expected. 
  • It’s hard to stay committed when you are low on resources, bootstrapping your business, and feeling personal financial pressure.
  • There is no easy trick or secret to overcoming the challenges; they key is believing in your vision and being persistent despite setbacks and tough times.

We've designed Modern da Vinci to help you navigate through these difficult points in your business. We understand what it feels like to go through this journey and are here to give you support and tools that will maximize your chance to achieve your goals. 

If the going gets tough for you (or already is), reach out to us using the form below and let us transform your stagnant business into a healthy thriving company moving with purpose and speed.  

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About the Author

Seth Sinclair


Seth Sinclair is a leadership coach, management consultant, trainer, and facilitator with a passion for helping his clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Reach out by emailing him at or learn more on our About page.