Effort, Victory, and Planting Seeds for Success

After 44 years of drought, in a victory that filled the streets of Washington DC with raving fans, the Washington Capitals took home the Stanley Cup.

They wanted it, and they fought for it. Five bloody, sweaty battles of persistence, patience, hunger, drive, and hard fucking work. 

But that’s not why they won. 

The Vegas Knights wanted that Stanley Cup just as much. They wanted it for themselves, their team, and their fans. The Knights bled, sweat, chased the puck, kissed the boards, and took their shots, just like the Capitals. 

The Capitals’ effort in the arena paid off in victory, but their win was designed in the months of practice, preparation, and skills development outside the arena. Their success was solidified in the locker room, between periods, building a strategy utilized their strengths and maximized their opponents' weaknesses. 

Like the Capitals, you need to put in the effort. Without effort, you won’t be able to reach victory when it wanders near. You won’t be able to keep your competitor from claiming victory for themselves. You won’t reach your goals, achieve your vision, or live the life of your dreams. 

But effort isn’t enough.

The time between effort is where the seeds of success are planted. Spend it wisely. 

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