How To Break a Funk and Refocus on What's Important

Sometimes the best plan doesn’t help you work.

Even if you block your calendar for the afternoon...

Even if you shut your door, draw your blinds, and don your headphones...

Even if you turn off notifications and lock your phone away...

It happed to me today.

Yesterday, I was high on a big fat doobie of accomplishment, a productivity monster crushing every activity with aplomb. Today I woke up to a sick wife and daughter, a migraine of my own, and two sons who had to finish last-minute school projects that rivaled NASAs space shuttle development program in size and scope.

I felt defeated, exhausted, overwhelmed, and wishing for my day back.

When this happens, you can recover in three ways:

# 1. Write

Don’t just write anything. Write about what’s going on. Write about what you are trying to accomplish at the moment and how you are having trouble getting anything done.

Don’t edit. Don’t spend time finding the right words. Just free-flow your thoughts on paper, like this:

Ugh... I’m sitting here trying to get this webpage updated and must have made the same changes 100 times. I’m literally going in circles. I started with new images, but now aren’t sure that those work. I guess the one image is OK, but the other two just look generic. Maybe I should find...

And that was it, I knew what to do. I literally stopped there and got back to work. Writing what was bothering me and what I was trying to do pushed me in the right direction, broke my funk, and refocused me on what was important.

# 2. Move

When a funk hits, pack up your shit and move.

Literally, physically, move.

It doesn’t have to be far. It just has to be different.

Take the things you’ll need to get your job done (laptop, pen, notebook, phone, etc), get the hell out of whatever environment you are currently in, and set up shop somewhere else.

# 3. Plan

Pen and paper is all you’ll need. Write down how you’re going to spend the remaining hours in your day. Break your schedule into 15 or 30 minute increments, and schedule the most important things you need to accomplish.

Throw it in your calendar if you want. Or, just get to work.

What do you think, will these three tips help get you out of a funk? Comment and let me know if you have others👇🏻

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